What is a photography gift registry?

Today brides and grooms have often been living on their own. You may not need many of the items found on traditional bridal registries like dishware.  A wedding photography gift registry can help you increase your budget for photography for your big day.  You may place a link for the gift registry on your wedding site or send out cards provided by our studio-telling guests about it.  Gifts may be made in any amount (or currency).  You will receive notification of the gifts along with personal messages from the gift givers. Guests love the idea of helping you receive an album of your wedding day memories.  It’s much more personal and way more practical than getting ten silver picture frames.

Do you have second photographers available?

Coverage with a second photographer is available.  If it’s appropriate for your wedding; size, logistics, budget, and etc. We can discuss that option in the initial consult.  A second photographer can be a great addition to wedding coverage because it provides fuller coverage when multiple events are going on and a second angle and perspective on events.  We encourage the second photographers to be as creative as possible in their work.  They are talented up and coming photographers.

What kind of albums do you provide?

The album may have the differences for their quality, craftsmanship, and style.  As part of our initial consult, we will discuss the options available to you and specific recommendations will be made based on your tastes and budget. 
Most Popular albums are Traditional matted albums and Flush mount albums. SJ Photo Creation’s design services produce beautiful albums in a customized to your individual tastes and reflect your personal style, which emphasizes the story of the day. The photographs are custom printed by a high-quality lab with attention to detail.

How many pictures are usually provided?

We take as many images necessary to capture the story of your wedding and retouch the images to give you the best images of the day. 

We deliver approximately 700-1000 custom cropped and color corrected images in 8 hours of shooting.

Price range?

Our wedding photography packages generally range from $2500 to $5000 and we are here to provide you with the best package possible given your wedding budget.

Different rates may apply for small weddings, off-season, or ‘off-peak’ dates.

S&J Traveling

We are thrilled to offer San Francisco Bay Area &Destination Wedding Photography clients easy access to a full photography session. Through the years of wedding photography, SJ Photo Creation has been offered to travel outside of Bay Area for the wedding day. We have the ability to adapt to any location and culture and capture the place and the people in pictures.  Whether your wedding is outside San Francisco Bay Area, elsewhere in the U.S or overseas, we would love to talk to you about photographing your wedding day or other events.  Travel fees may apply outside of Bay Area.

Before and After - Imaging Retouching

Digital post processing is an essential part of today's digital photography workflow. In fact, SJ Photo Creation thinks that photography requires an image retouching even it was taken with expensive digital camera. It's full potential. SJ Photo Creation wedding package offers a post-production; cropping, color correction, contrast, clarity, saturation and white balance correction and the wedding album & design.

Engagement Photo with S&J


Have you recently gotten engaged? Congratulations!

SJ Photo Creation combines a photojournalism of your own story. Our goal is to capture the emotion and fleeting moments that make up one of the most important days of your life. SJ Photo Creation brings a compassionate eye and a caring heart to our pictures.
What’s always appealed to us, from the first time we picked up a camera, was the ability to capture those fleeting moments that often disappear in the blink of an eye. We are the photographers at heart and approach our work for all clients in the same way.


Wedding Photo

We understand that the last thing you want at your wedding is the photographer directing events. It’s your day. You should enjoy it with the peace of mind and confidence that it’s being documented in images that you will cherish for a lifetime.
Each wedding is a unique event for us.  We provide a quality, custom boutique service for each couple to ensure that the photos reflect the people, atmosphere and events of the day, as you’d like to remember them.
For your convenience, digital images are uploaded to client’s website easily accessible to family and friends.